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Care Plus Foot Powder

Care Plus Foot Powder

Care Plus
Care Plus Foot Powder
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  1. Care Plus® Foot Powder dries the feet and helps to prevent blisters, reduces and prevents burning sensation and cools the skin and absorbs humidity. Before starting your walk sprinkle your feet with Care Plus Foot Powder, then blow away the surplus powder - it should not form lumps. Repeat this process regularly while walking (first let you feet dry in the open air before applying the powder). The Foot powder is also handy for sprinkling on the sticky edges of plasters and tape, making clothing less likely to stick to them.


  2. - Dries the feet
    - Helps reduce hotspots and blisters
    - Cools the skin
  3. Dimensions: 47 x 87 mm
    Weight: 47 grams
    Contents: 40 grams


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