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Helsport Ringstind Superlight 1

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The new Ringstind Superlight 1 is a compact, yet comfortable and functional tent that is  easy to pitch yet surprisingly stable in windy conditions.  
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  1. This year we added another challenge: to improve the usability of the tent so that it is not only light, but also easier to pitch and more comfortable to use. The pole configuration has been changed to increase internal volume without making the tent any longer. It also takes half as long to pitch - we know, because we timed it!

    The new Ringstind Superlight 1 is a compact, yet comfortable and functional tent that is  easy to pitch yet surprisingly stable in windy conditions.  

    The best part is that we’ve been able to add all these details and extra features and yet reduce the weight even further. 
  2. - Lightweight fabrics and components  
    - Lightweight inner tent fabric with mosquito net and excellent breathability 
    - Pole cups make the tent fast and easy to pitch 
    - The Helsport AirFlow II® ventilation system ensures more fresh air, better quality sleep and increased air circulation which reduces condensation
    - Unique internal pole channel system that provides better wind stability and less vibration/noise in windy conditions 
    - Internal storage pockets  
  3. Persons: 1
    Package: 13 x 39 cm
    Tent weight: 1.04 kg incl. pegs
    Pegs weight: 0,1 kg | 9 pegs
    Pole length: 1 x 264 + 1 x 123 cm
    Accessories: Rep Kit (+0,15 kg) contains: fabric, needle, thread, repair sleeve and extra pole segment

  4. Materials
    Poles: DAC Featherlight NSLTM (36 cm sections) 
    Fabric outer tent: Helsport Rainguard Superlight, 2000 mm 
    Fabric inner tent: Helsport Airflow Superlight
    Fabric floor: Helsport Rainguard Pro, 3000 mm

    Helsport Rainguard® Superlight:
    The Superlight tents use a polyamide micro ripstop fabric. This fabric is woven by a very thin (15D) thread that provides super lightweight materials. It is also coated on both sides with a silicone coating, which results in high tear strength and durability, while providing a water column of 2000 mm. 

    Helsport Airflow Superlight:
    The SuperLight tents have a ripstop material in polyamide, which is woven in 15D thread. This fabric has very high breathability, which is important for reducing condensation. In addition, the fabric is impregnated to keep out condensation that might drop from the outer tent.

    Helsport Rainguard® Pro:
    For the rest of the PRO and X-TREM tents we have developed a solid outer tent fabric. It is over eight times more durable and tear resistant than normal fabrics, woven with the nest thread and coated on both sides with silicone. Naturally this fabric also features strong resistance to UV-rays and excellent fabric stability under changing weather and temperature conditions. It has a water column of minimum 3000 mm. This fabric is also used as a ground sheet for the SuperLight tents. 


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