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Trangia Winter Attachment

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Trangia winter attachment for all Trangia 27 series and 25 series cook-sets.

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  1. In severe cold, a winter attachment can be very useful. The pre-Heater Is attached to the bottom of the spirit-burner, placed on the heat-reflector, filled with fuel and lit. The pre-heater warms the spirit-burner, while the heat-reflector focuses stray heat-radiation back towards the spirit-burner. It also keeps the snow away from the burner!
  2. - Spirit burner with pre warmer system
  3. Weight: 265g
Customer reviews
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Whilst the plate and burner duplicate components supplied with stove sets and are available separately as spares, the specific warming attachment is a must-have once it snows and/or the ground is frozen - think summit bivis in Scotland and the Lake District in the winter! Previously, I've used a jar lid and crumbled solid fuel, but that's a smelly and messy method. The warming attachment is so convenient and clean!
Thomas H.
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Excellent addition and enhances the versatility of the burner!
Not known about by many!
Frank M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Main item I required for use with a Trangia 27 set-up (with the benefit of another burner) ; not used it yet, but Trangia is a quality system..
M C T.
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Not strictly necessary given the number of easy hacks for cold weather lighting, but the plate will be very useful and it's nice to complete the full Trangia system set up.
And the burner you already had? Put it in a triangle for the sunny days.
Antony B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Perfect replacement for swdish army trangia and works great in the colder weather.
Leo S.

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