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MSR Trail Mini Solo Cookset

Our smallest and lightest ultra pack-efficient cook set for soloists.
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The size of a large mug, the Trail Mini Solo Cook Set delivers the essentials you need to fuel up—all in a cook kit that’s ridiculously small in your pack. Perfectly sized to make hot water for one pouch meal or a generous cup of coffee, its pot plays double duty as your eat-and-drink vessel. Inside, it nests a PocketRocket® 2 stove and 4 oz. MSR fuel canister. Outside, its bowl efficiently adds a second vessel, making this the ultimate space-maximizing cook set for solo minimalists moving fast with a small pack.

 - Ultra-Compact: Efficient nesting design makes room for a PocketRocket 2
   stove and 4 oz fuel canister to create a complete cook set that saves space.
 - Ultralight: Weighs just 203 g (7.2 oz), keeping pack weight to minimum.
 - Durable: Light, strong hard-anodized aluminum pot, and polypropylene lid and bowl.
 - Versatile: Pot’s insulated grip allows it to serve as an eating and drinking vessel;
   pot lid doubles as a strainer; bowl is hot- and cold-safe.
 - Includes: 0.75 L hard-anodized aluminum pot, 16 oz. bowl*, clear lid* with straining
   ports, ultralight mini pot lifter, stuff sack. Room to nest PocketRocket 2 stove and
   4 oz IsoPro™ fuel canister (both sold separately).

Weight (Standard)7.29 oz
Weight (Metric)0.21 kg

Hard anodized aluminium


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