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Tentipi Porch CP

A porch gives you space for shoes and other items and enables dry entry into the tent. 
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  1. A porch gives you space for shoes and other items and enables dry entry into the tent. When the zip is completely opened, there is still a rain protected area under the porch with a 180 degree view.
    A Tentipi® Nordic tipi has astonishing storm resistance due to its symmetrical shape and heavy-duty construction. Therefore we have not made the porch an integrated part of the tent but designed it to be easily attached and removed. This also makes it possible to reduce the weight.
  2.  - The versatility of the Tentipi® Nordic tipi is further enhanced with functions that also suit more stationary campers.
     - Any rain water running from the tip of the tent is diverted from the door opening.
     - It is possible to open up the apse completely which offers a 180 degree view.
     - The porch can easily be removed without taking down the tent, e.g. if there is a risk of snow or bad weather.
     - It is securely and neatly attached to the porch sleeve (PCT patent) which is a standard feature on our tent models Zirkon and Safir from 2012 on.
  3. Porch 7 CP
    Packed size
    : 53cm x 31cm x 23cm
    Weight: 6.4kg
    Height 180cm
    Length along the floor 140cm

    Porch 9 CP
    Packed size
    : 61cm x 33cm x 25cm
    Weight: 6.7kg
    Height 175cm
    Length along the floor 140cm

    Light tan: Creating a pleasing warm-coloured atmosphere inside

  4. Breathable Cotpolmex Pro: Very strong and well-ventilating cotton/polyester fabric which gives a much better indoor climate than is normally achieved in a tent. The beige-brown colour creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the Nordic tipi. Like Cotpolmex Comfort but with even better properties. It is denser and even more resistant to sunlight as regards strength and colour fastness and it has even better form stability and water repellency. With its high-class properties, attractive appearance and nice feeling, this is, as far as we know, the world’s best cotton/polyester outer tent fabric. Approximately 285 g/m2.
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