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GSI 1L Infinity Dukjug

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GSI 1L Infinity Dukjug
Thoughtfully designed as the ultimate, lightweight outdoor bottle, itintegrates a recessed area for up to 2 meters of emergency duct tape.The silicone grip easily rolls over the wrapped tape to protect itdamage so that it is always ready to go whenenever you need it.

 - Made of BPA-Free, fully recyclable, crush-resistant,Polypropylene
 - Cam-Profile lid makes opening frozen bottles easy- even withmittens or gloves
 - Tether-Cord is incredibly strong, user-replaceable, andoutlasts plastic tethers
 - Industry standard wide-mouth fits water filters and otherbottle accessories
 - Holds 1 liter

Volume: 1 litre
Weight: 6.6 oz
Dimensions: 3.50 x 3.50 x 8.10 in

Clear Polypropylene

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