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Helsport Glitterheim

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Extra wide and comfortable bag with mesh along full-length zipper
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  1. Glitterheim sleeping bag series have been designed with a focus on comfort and user-friendliness for shorter hikes in tent or cabin. The unique Helsport AirVentTM system gives you the opportunity to vent the bag from an extra side zipper. This increases the range of use significantly. It is also possible to sit with the bag over your shoulders with both of your arms out.

    Glitterheim is constructed with a wider cut where the bottom and the top of the bag are stitched together directly. This gives a spacious bag with more room to move in. The extra width and several ventilation solutions make the bag more comfortable than regular bags with a mummy shape.

    If you want a spacious, airy and user-friendly sleeping bag to use summer as well as early spring and fall, the Glitterheim AirVentTM is the right bag for you.

  2.  - Full length two-way joinable zipper
     - Easy to adjust size of hood opening
     - Pocket for valuables
     - Heat trap collar
  3. Packed Size: 21 x 25cm
    Person Length: 185cm
    Person Width: 85cm
    Weight: 1.85kg
    Temperature Rating
  4. Fabric Outer: Airtex® 100% Polyamide Dobby Ripstop 40D
    Fabric Inner: Airtex® 100 % Polyester 50D
    Insulation: Thermoguard 6000®


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