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Tentipi Floor 5 Pro

Stronger than standard fabric, with four zips allowing flexible opening possibilities
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Made of light, strong, high-tenacity polyamide fabric which is much stronger than standard fabrics, the floor has four zips which allow flexible opening possibilities.

A Tentipi floor is automatically in the correct position when the Nordic tipi is put up because it need not be detached when packing the tipi. A stretching device makes it easy to get the floor nice and flat,and makes it easier to seal between the floor and the Nordic tipi to keep out mosquitoes better. Zip covers protect the zips from dirt.

Can be used with any of our size 5, 7, and 9 Nordic Tipis. Size 15 available in the Comfort grade only.

- 'V-opening': Open from the door. To avoid having dirty boots on the tent floor.
- 'O-opening': Open from the centre and outwards. This allows you to brush off bread crumbs on the ground rather than on      the floor. Also enables use of stove or open fire.
- 'U-opening': A large opening from the door and round the central pole. For wood storage, open fire or to have ground            contact.
- 'Closed': Full ground coverage.

Size 5 Weight: 1.4 kg
Size 7 Weight: 1.8 kg
Size 9 Weight: 2.5 kg

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