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Trangia Gel Burner

Replacement Burner for size 27 and 25 stoves when using Gel Fuel
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This burner is to be used when cooking with Ethanol Gels. It will fit all 27 and 25 stoves, the Mini Trangia and Trangia Triangle.

Weight: 18 g


Customer Review
I have tried out the gel fuel in the little aluminium burner.  As I have two Trangia 25's I did a little experiment:

Filled both kettles with 1 pint of cold water (without lids), 1 on meths (in a very well used and dirty trangia burner) and 1 on alcohol gel in new burner.

The alcohol gel took 6 1/2 mins to get to a rolling boil
The meths took 9 1/2 (from cold)

Visually there was little difference in the colour of the flame, both burned with a yellow blue flame (the meths was quite yellow too, but this is probably cos the burner was dirty, i suspect a clean burner would have been a little less visible) however I would suspect that under bright sunlight the gel would be just as hard to see but the gel was much noisier - it crackled and bubbled, sounded a bit like a chip pan.

The gel flame was "wilder" than the meths, came up round the sides of the kettle more.  Also the outside of the trangia got a lot hotter with the gel than with the meths. Both left a similar amount of soot on the kettle. I suspect fuel usage was similar. The gel can be easily and safely blown out.

All in all, with the correct burner the gel was as good as the meths and I would happily use either.  Although with kids the gel is probably a tiny bit safer as it is less likely to spill and easier to hear when it is alight, and is faster.  Although for simmering and control it would have to be meths. As the gel is hotter, it is a better option for warming a tent!

Reviewed by Alan Pierce-Jones 6 July 2014


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