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BEAL L24 Headlamp

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BEAL L24 Headlamp
  • BEAL L24 Headlamp
  • BEAL L24 Headlamp
With a surprising output of 24 lumens for its small size, this is the lightest in the 'Light' series.

This ultra-light and compact headlamp has all the advantages of a larger variant: 2 independent light sources and 6 operation modes!

Features: Powerful LED with an exterior reflector
 - Focused and far reaching beam
 - Maximum mode for a focused and powerful light output up to 22m
   of the 'FOCUS' variety
 - Economical mode for the maximum burn time up to 72 hours
 - Flashing mode allowing efficient signalling in case of an emergency

Features: 2 Red LEDs
 - Constant mode for discreet night vision (reading, mountain huts etc)
 - Flashing mode for drawing attention

Features: Multiple Fitting Methods
 - Directly to the head using the 2 easily detachable elasticated cords
 - To a cap using the spring-loaded clamp
 - Directly to the rear of another head torch's elastic head strap to create
   a rear warning light (cycling, running).

Exceptional Water Resistance: IPX6
Power Max: 24 Lumens
Power Eco: 6.5 Lumens
Burn Time Max: 23 hours
Burn Time Eco: 72 hours
Batteries: 2 Lithium Ion (can be stored up to 10 years without deterioration)
Weight: 29 g

Ideal in emergencies, for camping, map reading, warning lights for running with its red LEDs