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Trek'N Eat

" Doesn’t matter whether you’re on foot, on a boat, in a cabin or summiting a breath-taking peak. The experience helps you feel alive and relaxed... and the food that fuels you plays more than just a supporting role. You want natural, lightweight, convenient and easy to prepare – but don’t forget the all-important «yum factor». Trek’n Eat’s freeze-dried meals and snacks give you all that and a whole lot more. "  
£ 2.00
(-15.00%) £ 1.70
Trek'n Eat 4 Section Seasonings DispenserThis seasoning dispenser can easily be attached to the belt or key ring.
£ 3.50
(-15.00%) £ 2.98
Trek'n Eat Seasonings Dispenser - Large 6 SectionsEverything that the gourmet could need when grilling, camp cooking or spicing up on the trail.
£ 1.30
(-15.00%) £ 1.11
Trek'n Eat Trekking Biscuits pack of 12By taking regular meals in between, you can keep your body in trim. 

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