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£ 149.95
AKU Slevatica GTX MensFootwear for multi-terrain activities, perfect for light hiking and trekking or for moving quickly in the mountains in total comfort. 
£ 140.00
Altra Mens Lone Peak 4 WaterproofThe updated Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM is ready for any weather you choose to run through
£ 140.00
Altra Womens Lone Peak 4 Waterproof

There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear, right?! Well with the brand new Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM you'll have no excuse. 

£ 118.95
Amazonas Adventure Moskito Hammock ThermoUltra-Light Revolution: One of the world’s lightest hammocks, with mosquito net and thermo compartment
£ 29.95
Amazonas Adventure RopeUltra-light revolution: the totally light and compact rope set for when you are on the move
£ 17.95
Amazonas Hammock FloorThe ideal protection for your outdoor equipment
£ 13.95
Amazonas Micro RopeThe light and strong rope set for travelling: 
£ 44.95
Amazonas Moskito TravellerThe mosquito-free outdoor quarter with a integrated mosquito net 
£ 69.95
Amazonas Moskito Traveller ExtremeThe MOSKITO-TRAVELLER EXTREME is ultra-light, the pack dimensions are very small, and both sides can be used
£ 59.95
Amazonas Moskito Traveller ProThe Moskito Traveller Pro is ultra-light, the pack dimensions are very small, and both sides can be used
£ 89.95
Amazonas Moskito Traveller ThermoImpregnated hammock with mosquito net and thermo pocket 
£ 108.95
Amazonas Moskito Traveller Thermo XXLImpregnated hammock in size XXL with mosquito net and thermo pocket
£ 7.95
Amazonas Ultralight Tree HuggerExtension and tree protection for hammock suspension ropes
£ 138.95
Amazonas Underquilt PonchoTwo in one: Thermal protection underlay for hammocks combined with a poncho
£ 118.95
Amazonas Wing TarpThe hammock tarp with variable all-round wind protection
£ 13.99
Beavercraft Blade - BC1The general purpose carving – blade for knife C1 gives the carver a different approach to a detail or paring cut
£ 13.99
Beavercraft Blade - BC13The blade for knife C13 is ideal for whittling, the removal thin layers of wood
£ 13.99
Beavercraft Blade - BC14This multifunctional plane blade is well suited for removing thin layers of wood and cutting.
£ 13.99
Beavercraft Blade - BC2This straight blade is designed for the heavier stock removal with a rounded durable point. 
£ 13.99
Beavercraft Blade - BC3The blade for sloyd carving knife is beveled on both sides and it is good as all-purpose carving tool. 
£ 13.99
Beavercraft Blade - BC4The blade for knife C4 is designed for whittling as well as for general woodworking, marking and handicrafts. 
£ 13.99
Beavercraft Blade - BC8blade for chip carving knife C8 is made from edge-holding steel for smoother cutting and is ready to use right out of the package.
£ 15.99
Beavercraft Leather Sheath for Carving Knife SH1This great knife sheath from BeaverCraft is made of genuine brown leather, which is natural and durable. 
£ 16.99
Beavercraft Pre-Compounded Stropping Block LS4The LS4 leather strop with a green polishing compound will make your knife razor sharp. 
£ 16.99
Beavercraft Small Dual Sided Leather Paddle Strop LS6The double-side leather sharpening strop will surely make your life easier. 
£ 15.99
Beavercraft Spoon Blade - BSK1The blade for spoon carving knife SK1 has the excellent U-shape for making detailed cuts or rounding out bowls and spoons.
£ 15.99
Beavercraft Spoon Blade - BSK2This blade for spoon carving knife SK2 is aimed at forming the hollows of spoons and bowls, 
£ 26.95
(-15.00%) £ 22.91
Blade Tech Whetstone Coarse and Extra Fine Dual Grit Knife SharpenerThe 240 grit is best used for reshaping dull blades. The 1000 grit surface is used to apply a final cutting edge to the blade with amazing results.
£ 24.95
(-15.00%) £ 21.21
Blade Tech Whetstone Extra Coarse & Fine Dual Grit Knife SharpenerThe Blade Tech Whetstone 180 (extra coarse) & 600 (fine) Grit is an excellent quality stone offering two different sharpening surfaces.
£ 44.95
(-15.00%) £ 38.21
Blade Tech Whetstone Polish and Super Polish Dual Grit Knife SharpenerThe 2000 grit is best suited to polishing blades that are already in fairly good condition. The 5000 grit surface is a super fine grade and is used to apply a superb final cutting edge to the blade with excellent results.

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