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" At the end of the 17th century: In a document, Petrus Meindl is mentioned as the first shoemaker in Kirchanschöring. Since then, there has been an uninterrupted sequence of Meindl shoemakers in Kirchanschöring. Today Meindl is in its 9th generation.
We produce over one million pairs of boots and shoes annually and supply them for the most important outdoor markets of the world  – no matter where you are walking in the world, Meindl boots are reliable companions for your feet. "
£ 7.49
Meindl Conditioner & ProoferConditioner and proofer of all leather footwear
£ 99.99
Meindl Solden Lady BootsWinter ladies boot with removable liner.
£ 99.99
Meindl Solden Mens BootsWinter mens boot with removable liner.
£ 4.99
Meindl SportwaxMeindl Sportwax (80g) designed for use with the range of Meindl Leather boots.