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" Outdoor life was probably not foremost in the minds of brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle when they started knife production in the old forge at home on their farm in Holmeland in 1932 . 
Today, Helle knives are sold all around the world, and customers receive the same quality whether professional hunter, scout or outdoorsman. A knife that is designed to meet the demands of the outdoors, and one that will last for generations. "
£ 99.95
(-10.00%) £ 89.96
Helle EggenThe Eggen is one of our most used all-round outdoor knives
£ 169.95
(-10.00%) £ 152.95
Helle MândraMāndra knife was designed and field tested with Les Stroud
£ 99.95
(-10.00%) £ 89.96
Helle VikingThe Viking is a revision of a Helle classic