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" At Blade Tech® Sharpening Systems, we design and build our products to last.
We produce the UK's favourite knife and tool sharpener. Always at the cutting edge.
£ 10.00
(-15.00%) £ 8.50
Blade Tech Classic Knife SharpenerBlade Tech Classic™ Knife & tool Sharpener
£ 24.95
(-15.00%) £ 21.21
Blade Tech Whetstone Extra Coarse & Fine Dual Grit Knife SharpenerThe Blade Tech Whetstone 180 (extra coarse) & 600 (fine) Grit is an excellent quality stone offering two different sharpening surfaces.
£ 44.95
(-15.00%) £ 38.21
Blade Tech Whetstone Polish and Super Polish Dual Grit Knife SharpenerThe 2000 grit is best suited to polishing blades that are already in fairly good condition. The 5000 grit surface is a super fine grade and is used to apply a superb final cutting edge to the blade with excellent results.

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