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Ultimate Survival
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Ultimate Survival Technologies

" For 80 years and four generations, UST Brands has provided reliable, affordable problem-solving gear to customers worldwide. By maintaining the highest standards in quality and service, our innovative products have been saving the day since 1936. At UST Brands, we believe everyone deserves great gear! "
£ 2.50
Ultimate Survival Fire Starter SticksQuick and convenient firestarting tinder
£ 5.95
Ultimate Survival Gear SnakeBendable steel wire cord with flexible foam rubber coating - attaches gear without knots or hooks
£ 23.95
Ultimate Survival Heritage Campfire KitThe Heritage Campfire Kit features a collection of classic fire starting necessities
£ 5.95
Ultimate Survival Heritage Light-Me Tinder, 12-pkHeritage Light-Me Tinder provides cutting-edge fire starting technology with a classic look and feel
£ 8.95
Ultimate Survival MagBar FirestarterReliably starts hundreds of fires
£ 4.95
Ultimate Survival Snake Ties 6-PkFlexible, reusable, silicone zip-ties that are perfect for attaching or bundling lightweight gear
£ 5.95
Ultimate Survival Trail TweezerInnovative pair of tweezers with integrated LED light for quickly identifying ticks and splinters
£ 11.95
Ultimate Survival U-Dig-It Folding ShovelU-Dig-It® Folding Shovel is a lightweight, versatile digging tool made of durable stainless steel
£ 9.95
Ultimate Survival Wetfire TinderGuaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions.