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Speciality & Target Sports

£ 27.99
(-15.00%) £ 23.79
Cold Steel BoomerangThe non-returning boomerang has been used as a hunting tool on every continent from time immemorial
£ 39.00
(-15.00%) £ 33.15
Cold Steel Frontier HawkSuitable for re-enactors from any period stretching from the French and Indian War, upto the final settling of the West in the late 1800's
£ 39.00
(-15.00%) £ 33.15
Cold Steel Norse HawkOur Norse Hawk has a curved cutting edge to facilitate deep, slashing cuts and terminates in two sharp points
£ 44.00
(-15.00%) £ 37.40
Cold Steel Riflemans HawkThe Riflemanís Hawk has a functional hexagonal hammer poll designed for serious work, like pounding nails or stakes
£ 39.00
(-15.00%) £ 33.15
Cold Steel Trail HawkModeled after an early frontier pattern, the Cold Steel Trail Hawk has proven to be incredibly popular
£ 34.00
(-15.00%) £ 28.90
Cold Steel True Flight ThrowerThe Cold Steel® True Flight Thrower beats the competition by a wide margin
£ 13.00
(-15.00%) £ 11.05
ProHands GripmasterOur Signature model for any level athlete with a wide variety of tensions available

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