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Wilmas Nordic Summer
Manufactured from natural ingredients this Scandinavian midge repellent draws on years of experience from this summer plague and what best keeps them away.

Mike says...
" Nordic Summer, in my eyes, is the best repellent I have used. I keep it in my trouser pocket in the summer and regularly apply it. Great stuff. "


Wilmas Beck-Olja
The traditional forest perfume of Lapland, derived from Pine tar production. Used to protect against biting insects in the summer.

Mike says...
" As per the Wilma Nordic Summer, Beck-Olja now plays a part in the summer months when the little devilís start to bite. I generally use the tincture on clothing more than next to the skin, liberally applying to hats, neckerchiefs etc. Great stuff. "



Nothing comes close. Developed and tested in Scotland by midge experts in the harshest conditions, Smidge contains a dastardly ingredient that works by cleverly throwing the little bleeders off our scent.

Mike says...
" For trips to Scotland from end of April to early October you want something that keeps those bitey things away. On a recent trip to the Sunart region in Scotland on the trail of the Scottish Wildcat, Smidge came in invaluable at dawn and dusk when those little fellas start to bite. "


Smidge Quick Untick Hooks
The Smidge Quick Untick Hooks allows easy, safe removal of any size of tick with a just quick twirl.  It doesnít compress the tickís body, so avoiding the possible transmission of any disease agents.

Mike says...
" This is an essential part of my first aid kit. It seems every year the Tick population increases, it is paramount that especially in the summer months you check yourself for ticks every day and remove them immediately. On your return from the trip if you have picked up a Tick and start to get Flu like symptoms, immediately go to the doctor. "


Lifesystems Mosquito and Midge Net
Designed to go over the head, it is made of multi filament Tricot material with a toggle drawcord.

Mike says...
" The midge net is possibly the hardest working item in my kit. Not only to be used as a head net, but can be used for a gathering bag, to hold raw meat away from flies, used as a fishing net and even as a giant tea bag for that special Tamarack Tea. "


Lifesystems Bite Relief Click
Reduces itching and swelling from insect bites and stings.

Mike says...
" Great piece of kit to have in the summer time, works really well on Mosquito bites. "


Lifesystems Mountain Leader
This first aid kit gives a good base, and is designed for groups of 1 to 14 people. The kit has been developed by Hugh Montgomery and special forces teams.

Mike says...
" The Mountain Leader first aid kit, coupled with some extras (TCP, Painkillers etc), forms a good basis for a comprehensive first aid kit. Ensure that it is kept dry in a dry bag, and can be identified by other people that it is a first aid kit. Everyone who works and plays in the outdoors should have to hand at least a basic first aid kit, along with the relevant knowledge of how to use it. "


Exped First Aid Drybag

Water and dustproof bags in red with roll-top closure for first aid kits.

Mike saysÖ.

" Another item i have had for years that has slipped the recommended net. The only thing i can say is that itís great and i hope to never use itís contents too often. Really good for other people also so they can identify your personal first aid kit."


Lifesystems Thermal Bag
The Thermal Bag provides entire body coverage for maximum personal protection.  When inside the bag, it will reflect and retain over 90% of radiated body heat.  An essential part of any outdoor survival kit.

Mike says...
" An absolute must for anyone heading into the outdoors environment either working or playing. "


Lifesystems Thermal Blanket
Can also be used as an emergency sun shelter, space-age picnic blanket or poncho.

Mike says...
" An absolute must for any outdoor activity, light, strong and takes up no room in a rucksack. Essential item. "


Lifesystems 12 Hour Lightsticks
Examples of use are to attract others in case of emergency, to help perform first-aid in the dark, or to facilitate following another person in poor light.  Each light stick lasts for up to 15 hours.

Mike says...
" Used these, I call them Cyalumes, for many a year. Great within a first aid kit or around a large camp so people can have a focal point in the dark. Essential. "



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