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Water-to-Go Bottle
Water-to-Go is your own water purification system that fits in the palm of your hand! The patented filter has been specifically developed for the NASA space programme and gets rid of over 99.9% of ALL contaminants in water from almost any source. The Water-to-Go filter is light years ahead of the competition and delivers pure, clean water every time.

Mike says...
" WOW, I thought the Aquapure Traveller was hard to beat, but this takes the biscuit, Nano technology WHOA!!!

On a serious note, filtering and purifying water should be at the core of all outdoor trips. When I am checking kit for a trip, water is first on the list, then shelter, then clothing, then specialist kit and finally food. I treat all water courses as contaminated, wherever I am. I have just used the Water-To-Go bottle for a week in Knoydart with great results.

Well constructed, (get the black one, the white one gets grubby quickly ), easy to replace the filter, cheaper to buy and run and takes out 99.9% of all nasties.

The only down side with these bottles is they need more management when the temperature drops below freezing. In this case I keep the bottle within layers of clothing in the day, and place in a dry bag inside my sleeping bag at night. "


Water-to-Go GO! Bottle

GO! is the must have bottle for any situation.  Not only is it a lightweight, reusable filtered water bottle, but its 3 in 1 filter technology means that you can drink safe from any non-salt water source.

Mike says….

" Sally and I have been big fans of Water-to-Go for many years and our recent trip to Norway where the temperatures were hitting 32 celsius for days on end we felt the need for taking in more electrolytes on a regular basis. So i got to thinking that instead of using a normal water bottle use the GO bottle with the filter removed for taking on fluids with electrolytes on a regular basis, then we have a back up filter for the Water-to-Go 750ml."

In conjunction with the Katadyn Gravity 6L water filter that fills the GO bottle at water breaks we now have a great system and still only carrying 1.2 litres of water each  when both bottles are full.

Katadyn Gravity Camp 6 Ltr Filter

At the heart of the Katadyn Gravity Camp 6 Ltr is the newly developed Ultra FlowTM Filter Element. With its flow rate of up to 2 litres per minute, you can reliably filter bacteria, cysts and sediment.

Mike says...
" Our Katadyn rep lent me one of these a good few months ago and said " see what you think ". So I have taken it on a number of trips both in the mountains and forest and it is firmly placed within my trekking rig now. The 6 litre capacity is just enough to see you through the night in camp and filters all your water so it is safe to drink. The flow rate pretty much depends on the turbidity of the water, so it is important to find a clean water source as possible.

Even on short breaks while on the trail I choose to stop near water so I can use the Gravity to rehydrate quickly. At a 1500 litre filter life it will last me a long while and I especially use it on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions where groups seem to run out of water quickly. "


Nalgene Everyday Widemouth Bottle 1Ltr

Woodsman Version

This is the bottle that put Nalgene on the map and after all these years it is still our best seller. It’s design appears simple but there are over fifty years of manufacturing experience that go into creating a super durable, leakproof bottle that is guaranteed for life.

Mike says….

" Well i just had to have one of these purely because of the name, after all i am a Woodsman."

Soto Pocket Torch PT-14SB

The Pocket Torch uses a conventional disposable lighter.

Mike says...
" Cracking little pocket blowtorch for lighting anything. Must be used with the designated lighter. Couldn't believe it when I first saw it, great idea and works well. "


Lifesystems Wet Fire Tinder
The ultimate tinder to get your fire started. Designed for the military - no smoke or odour when burning, even works better when wet.

Mike says...
" BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT. Been using this stuff for ages, never go outdoors without a couple of blister packs on my person. Use Wet fire for the initial ignition, you can start it with a fire steel by shaving small pieces off, once lit place small pieces of bicycle inner tube that have been wrapped around the Wet Fire Tinder to make a fire in any weather. Remember, knowledge is everything. A good understanding of how to find, gather and utilise natural tinders and firewood is an essential part of being an outdoorsman. "


Hammaro Magfire Lighting Paper
Environmentally friendly fire lighting paper.

Mike says...
" Do not, I repeat, do not go anywhere in the outdoors without a few strips of Hammaro paper. I find it the best way to light fire quickly and easily in any weather conditions. Hammaro paper is fully recyclable and is impregnated with Stearin (Stearic Acid). It will easily light with a fire steel and will get your fire/tent stove etc to establishment with one strip. Brilliant stuff. "


Lifesystems Windproof Matches
20 windproof matches in a waterproof Lexan vile with integral striker.

Mike says...
" Great piece of kit. Ditch the matches and replace with strike anywhere matches (the longer Cooks match is best) and pop in a piece of sandpaper as a striker. The vile itself is the main piece of kit, I have capsized in my canoe with this vile full of matches in my pocket and they all stayed bone dry.

NB: Never carry strike anywhere matches in the original box in your pocket for these reasons:
1) They will get wet or damp and then will not work.
2) If you have an impact to that pocket, the matches could catch fire. "


UCO Stormproof Sweetfire Firestarter

This is a new STORMPROOF version of the popular award winning Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter. Stormproof means that it will relight after being submerged in water. The advantage of the sweetfire over a normal waterproof or stormproof match is that it includes tinder in the 'point'. Light the 'point' just like a match and it will burn for 7 mins to help you start a fire like a boss. Go prepared!

Mike says….

" As much as i like a challenge, sometimes you need to make your life a little easier. I carry a couple of the Sweetfire Firestarters in my kit when i know fires are allowed ready for use in case of emergency. With a little preparation and knowledge a fire is a lot easier to start. "


UCO Match Case
Protect and securely store your matches away from moist, damp conditions.

Mike says...
" Robust match vile that is a given on waterborne trips. I store "strike anywhere" matches in the case and slip a folded piece of sandpaper inside. I've used this piece of kit extensively in the Arctic along with canoe trips. "



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