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Woolpower Zip Turtle Neck 200

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Woolpower Zip Turtle Neck 200

Zip Turtle Neck 200 has a short zipper for ventilation, is made of circular knit fabric, and has no lengthwise seams. The back is longer to prevent gaps. Cuffs are knitted in.

Zip Turtle Neck 200 is made from Ullfrotté Original 200 gram, a terry-knittedfabric and our thinnest version of Ullfrotté. The fabric is hardwearingand made of fine merino wool, polyamide and most of all - air. The airin the fabric is really important as it insulates the heat that yourbody produces. Ullfrotté Original is circular knitted and therefore hasvery few seams that can chafe. Seams are always the weakest link in agarment, so our clothes are very durable. The cuffs are elasticated andalso knitted into the fabric.

We started developing Ullfrotté in the 1970’s and it has been designedto wear closest to the body. It can also be worn together with thethinner Woolpower LITE underneath, or with the thicker Ullfrotté 400 gand 600 g on top. Modify your layers according to your activity level,thinner layers if you plan to move around a lot, and several thickerlayers if you are going to be standing still. To benefit from merinowool’s qualities, wear Woolpower directly against your skin.

Wool is nature’s own functional fabric and so far, no man-made fibreshave been able to replicate all the unique qualities of wool. While itkeeps you warm, the wool’s unique characteristics also let excess heatout. The fabric doesn’t smell bad if you sweat and it keeps you dry asthe wool can absorb up to 30 per cent of its own weight in moisturewithout even feeling damp. But if you really get wet, the garmentkeeps you warm anyway because of a chemical process within the woolcalled absorption heat.

 - Made in Östersund, Jämtland, all the way from the yarn to thefinal packaged product
 - Remember that the garments are unisex. Check your sizes against our size charts
 - Wool from merino sheep that graze in the Argentinian part ofPatagonia and Uruguay and
   it is mulesing free
 - Woolpower clothes can be washed at 60 degrees
 - Woolpower’s undergarments don’t itch and feel soft andcomfortable against your skin

Merino wool 60%
Polyester 25%
Polyamide 13%
Elastane 2%

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