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Wood Jewel Double Combo Puukko 100180

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Wood Jewel Double Combo Puukko 100180

A fine traditional combo knife made in Finnish Lapland.

The handles are made from a combination of curly birch, thin layers of reindeer leather and reindeer antler.

The sheath is made from wet formed vegetable tanned leather with a twirled Reindeer leather belt hanger.

The blades are 9cm and 6.2cm respectively, are very sharp and both made from high quality Carbon Steel Hardened to HRC 63-65 and tempered to HRC 59 to balance ductility and brittleness. The blades extend with full length internal tangs connected at the end of the handle. The grind is flat Scandinavian with a slight secondary bevel for maximum strength.

Easy to carry multi-tool:

  • There are several situations where both a smaller and a bigger knife are useful for instance to keep certain task separated due to hygiene.
  • The bigger knife is a good convenient all-purpose bushcraft knife size for precision work, such as carving & whittling, meat & food preparation or skinning game.
  • The smaller knife is a nice size for whittling and finer precision work and well as a general food knife.