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Vango Self Inflating Pillow

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Vango Self Inflating Pillow
The ultimate in effortless comfort, the Vango Self Inflating Pillow inflates within seconds by simply releasing the valve and allowing air to be drawn into the pillow. Once fully inflated, just close the valve to trap the air inside. When you awak in the morning, bright and refreshed after a great night's sleep, you only need to undo the valve and push the air out whilst rolling it up, ready to be placed in its own handy stuff sac.

Make a good night's sleep even better with a Vango Self Inflating Pillow.

 - Brushed polyester top fabric. Soft and comfortable material which also helps to hold sleeping
   bags in place
 - Open-cell foam insulation. Creates additional warmth

Weight: 300g
Dimensions: 50x32x10cm
Packed Size: 32.0 x 9.0cm