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Trek'n Eat Swiss Muesli With Milk

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Trek'n Eat Swiss Muesli With Milk
Switzerland is in fact the birthplace of muesli. Originally, Swiss muesli was served less often as the classic breakfast as it was for a light meal. For example, in its homeland, it was frequently served as an additional delicacy along with the evening meal. And Trekín Eatís Swiss Muesli with Milk has everything that characterises the classic version: apples for a dash of fruit delight and hazelnuts for a complete and wholesome bit of raw crunch. Not just for fans of the Swiss specialty, the Trekín Eat Swiss Muesli with Milk is well-suited for an ideal breakfast or it can also step up as a simple and satisfying meal when mealtime is better suited for a cold dish.

Calories: 555 kcal

Carbohydrates: 64g/100g

Content: 150g

Fat: 8.0g/100g

Gluten +

Lactose +

Protein: 10g/100g