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Trek'n Eat Scrambled Eggs With Onions

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Trek'n Eat Scrambled Eggs With Onions
Trek’n Eat‘s Scrambled Eggs with Onions can be magically whipped up and are quickly ready to eat, making the start of the day complete. Small diced tomatoes, delicate herbs, and tasty onions complete the morning’s gourmet delight.

The Scrambled Eggs with Onions from Trek’n Eat promises to put everybody in a good mood for the day, because breakfast is as we know the most important meal of the day – and that means nothing should be lacking on the table.

Calories: 744 kcal

Carbohydrates: 13g/100g

Content: 125g

Fat: 48g/100g

Gluten -

Lactose +

Protein: 27g/100g