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Thermarest NeoAir Dream

Thermarest :

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Thermarest NeoAir Dream

It combines the comfort of a plush, contour-hugging pillow-top cover with our award-wining NeoAir™ mattress technology to offer excellent next-to-skin comfort, all-season warmth and a total of four inches (10 cm) of stable and supportive loft. The three-inch NeoAir™ mattress core can be removed for use on its own for lighter weight excursions.

Pump sack and repair kit included.

Luxury Comfort: Contour-hugging, open-cell foam pillow top with soft fleece cover and NeoAir™ mattress create four inches (10 cm) of luxury comfort.

NeoAir™ Advantage: Patent-pending Triangular Core Matrix™ construction with ThermaCapture™ technology provides unmatched comfort, stability and warmth in a compact size.

Modular: Removable cover is machine-washable; inner NeoAir™ mattress can be used separately.

Pump Sack: Convenient stuff sack doubles as a pump for inflating the mattress.

                                           L                                              XL
Colour:                                 Port Wine                                 Port Wine
R-Value:                               6.0                                           6.0
Weight:                                4 lbs 2 oz / 1.84 k                     4 lbs 15 oz / 2.25 k
Width:                                  25 in / 63 cm                            30 in / 76 cm
Length:                                 77 in / 196 cm                          77 in / 196 cm
Thickness:                            4 in / 10 cm                              4 in / 10 cm
Packed dimension:                10 x 10 x 16 in /                       10 x 10 x 18.5 in / 
                                            25 x 25 x 41cm                        25 x 46cm
Volume:                                7700 cu. in                               9240 cu. in
Top fabric type:                      Fleece, Light Weight Poly         Fleece, Light Weight Poly