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Tentipi Hook Pegs y peg 25 pro

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Tentipi Hook Pegs y peg 25 pro
The pegs that are now a standard part of our Nordic tipis combine lowweight and maximum strength. They are designed so the ground strap canbe loosened without having to pull up the peg, which makes building thetipi easier.

We use a combination of three different pegs to optimise weightand function. The pegs are manufactured specially for Tentipiwith different levels of quality. Our basic peg is comparable tosimilar ordinary pegs on the market. The level of performance andquality of our other pegs are much higher since they are made fromspecial materials using a special technique including hardening.

All pegs are sold in singles.

 - Base pegs (silver): made from AL6061-T6, an alloy that is oftenchosen for its combination of high
   strength and good price.
 - Comfort pegs (blue-grey): made out of AL7075-T6 "aircraftaluminium", but even stronger.
 - Pro pegs (gold): made out of AL7001-T6, the strongest alloyavailable with extremely high breaking
 - "T6" is a treatment which increases the strength of the alloy,often more than twice as much.


Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (g)
Y-Peg 25 250 16 29
Y-Peg 20 200 16 21
Y-Peg 18 180 13 14
Hook Peg 180 6 17