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Tentipi Hekla Fire Box

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Tentipi Hekla Fire Box
  • Tentipi Hekla Fire Box
  • Tentipi Hekla Fire Box
For cooking or heating on the go, it's the ideal portable solution.

The Tentipi Hekla fire box makes it easy to grill, cook, or just enjoythe heat and light from an open fire. It's clever collapsible designmeans that it takes up very little space when packed. Indispensable ifyou are going to build a fire on snow, the legs fold out and can beplaced on branches or other support material on the snow.

Features Hekla 30
 - Large enough for making big fires
 - Good for Nordic tipis size 7 and larger
 - When packed flat, it's so small and compact it can be takeneverywhere.

Features Hekla 7
 - Perfect for hiking as an alternative to a spirit stove set
 - Throws off a comfortable heat which, for our smaller Nordictipis, is sufficient if temperature is only
   a few degrees below zero.

Specifications Hekla 30
Size when in use (mm): 510 x 320 x 170
Size when packed (mm): 485 x 170 x 30
Weight: 3.95 kg

Specifications Hekla 7
Size when in use (mm): 345 x 210 x 110
Size when packed (mm): 335 x 110 x 22
Weight: 1.0 kg

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