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Tamarack Lavvu Disk

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Tamarack Lavvu Disk
  • Tamarack Lavvu Disk
  • Tamarack Lavvu Disk
The Tamarack Lavvu Disk is an aid to perfect peg placement when erecting your Helsport Lavvu. Each disk is etched with a template of where to position the pegs, and the supplied cord ensures the peg is placed exactly the correct distance from the centre pole. All that is left is to hook the tent onto the placed pegs and fit the pole, after a little bit of tightening you will have the perfect pitch.

The disk is then left in place and acts as a pole foot, preventing the pole from sinking into soft ground.

Choose the Lavvu Disk specific to the make and size of your Lavvu.

 - Strong metal construction
 - Locally produced in the UK
 - Each disk is specific the model and size of Lavvu

Specifications Finnmark Disk
Shape: Round
Sizes: One Size

Specifications Pasvik Disk
Shape: 6 Sided
Sizes: 4-6 & 8-10

Specifications Varanger Disk
Shape: 8 Sided 
Sizes: 4-6, 8-10 & 12-14