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Tamarack Double Sided Hand Strop - DSHS

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Tamarack Double Sided Hand Strop - DSHS
  • Tamarack Double Sided Hand Strop - DSHS
  • Tamarack Double Sided Hand Strop - DSHS

The Double-Sided 8x3" Strop is made from a solid Beech wood platen that has both sides covered in high quality, specially treated, Vegetable Tanned leather.

  • 220 x 50mm working surface on each side of the Strop.
  • Made from a solid beech wood platen.
  • Specially treated high quality leather.
  • Overall length is 300mm.

The overall size allows a more stable platform and stropping area with which to strop such items as Plane Blades, Chisels and other Woodworking equipment. The Double-Sided 8x3" Strop can be mounted on a vice or other stabilising platform for absolute stability whilst stropping. When charged with a quality Honing Compound, such as Tormec Honing Paste, the strop will become a Honing Strop that has the potential to keep all of your cutting tools in tip top razor sharp condition for extended periods of time before the need to re-sharpen them on a Sharpening Stone. The Double-Sided Hand Strop is exclusively made by Shark Designs - it is made to the highest quality from a solid Beech wood platen that has superior quality, soft and supple specially treated leather on each side.

Although originally intended for stropping cut-throat razors, this Double-Sided Hand Strop serves equally well for most edge tools in the workshop, in the great outdoors or at home.

Each side of the Double-Sided Hand Strop has a handy 220mm long and 50mm wide working surface, with specially treated leather facings that will enable you to maintain your razor-sharp knife-edge with absolute ease. One side of the strop can be treated with a high quality Honing Paste, enabling you to polish off those micro-burrs at a much faster rate and allowing you to achieve that little extra polished razor edge.

The overall length of the Double-Sided Hand Strop is 300mm. The Shark Double-Sided Hand Strop is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, and comes with the exclusive ‘Tamarack Outdoors’ logo embossed onto it, making it a very special item. With proper care, it will last you years and years.

Any cutting tools that have been sharpened using the Japanese Water Stone Combination 1000/6000 Grit, the Japanese Fine/Polishing 4000 Grit Water Stone or the Fallkniven Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone should be stropped to give a razor-sharp cutting edge. This will also ensure that your cutting tools stay razor-sharp for a lot longer.