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Solo Stove Alcohol Burner

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Solo Stove Alcohol Burner
  • Solo Stove Alcohol Burner
  • Solo Stove Alcohol Burner
  • Solo Stove Alcohol Burner

When used inside the Solo Stove, this alcohol burner benefits from the Solo Stove's efficient air flow system - which means achieving faster boil times.

A convenient flame regulator lets you control and delete the flame with ease. The screw top cap features a rubber gasket which allows you to store fuel directly in the alcohol burner for extended periods of time without leakage. When you're on the move, save your precious pack space and store your Solo Alcohol Burner directly inside the Solo Stove itself.

Denatured Alcohol Explained:

The Solo Alcohol Burners uses denatured alcohol (a.k.a. ethanol, methylated spirits, marine stove fuel), methanol or similar fuels. Denatured alcohol is readily available at sporting and hardware stores and is fairly inexpensive. Denatured alcohol burns very efficiently and produces no soot or smoke. Unlike petroleum fuels, denatured alcohol is a renewable fuel (made from plant material). It's vapours are non-explosive and it can be extinguished with water in an emergency, making it safer than petroleum fuels. Another great feature of denatured alcohol is that it can be carried in virtually any plastic container, making it very easy to transport and dispense.

Fast to boil: 5-7 minutes to boil 32 fl oz of water 
Fuel: Denatured alcohol/methylated spirits 
Size: Height 1.8 inches, Diameter 2.9 inches 
Weight: 3.5 oz 
Materials: Brass 

*Recommended to be used with a Solo Stove (sold separately)