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ProHands Gripmaster

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ProHands Gripmaster
  • ProHands Gripmaster
  • ProHands Gripmaster
The GRIPMASTER is our signature model. It's ideal for any athlete wanting to develop hand strength.

Available in four different color-coded models of graduated resistance, GRIPMASTER offers both men and women an opportunity to dramatically increase hand, wrist, and forearm strength.

 - Isolates and exercises each finger individually
 - Maintain the suppleness and flexibility of the hand
 - Prevent injury and make daily life more enjoyable


 Extra Light Recommended for children over 12 years and seniors wanting to regain diminished dexterity.
Extra Light Recommended for the average woman's hand, and men preferring more repetitions at lesser resistance.
 Extra Light Recommended for the average man's hand.
 Extra Light Recommended only to those requiring exceptional grasping power for martial arts, climbing or weapon retention.
  For those requiring exceptional grasping power. Recommended for rock climbers, mixed martial arts, strength coaches, and professional athletes.
  Our highest resistance exerciser. Appropriate for individuals requiring extreme grasping power such as law enforcement and military.