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Petzl Cordelette

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Petzl Cordelette

The Petzl cordage line can be used for backing up an anchor, making a Prusik-type friction hitch, attaching accessories, etc., depending on the diameter.

Semi-static cordage with low stretch
Rugged construction
Can be used to attach accessories, back up an anchor or make a Prusik-type friction hitch.
Available in 4 diameters

Colour: red / black
Length: 7 m
Diameter: 4 mm
Weight per meter: 10 g
Breaking strength: 4 kN

Colour: yellow / black
Length: 6 m
Diameter: 5 mm
Weight per meter: 15 g
Breaking strength: 6 kN

Colour: blue / black
Length: 5.5 m
Diameter: 6 mm
Weight per meter: 24 g
Breaking strength: 9 kN

Colour: green / black
Length: 4 m
Diameter: 7 mm
Weight per meter: 31 g
Breaking strength: 12 kN