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Lifeventure Dristore Body Wallet Chest

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Lifeventure Dristore Body Wallet Chest
A discreet water-resistant pouch that hangs around your neck.  Ideal for storing valuables such as your passport, money and credit card to keep them close to you during your travels. The roll top closure and waterproof fabric mean that your belongings will be safe in bad weather or if the pouch gets wet. The soft lining on the back is comfortable against the skin.


Low-profile design using lightweight ripstop fabrics
● Adjustable, elasticated waist belt with slimline buckle 
● Designed to hold passport, tickets and currency
● DriPouch main pocket with roll-top entry
● Ultra-soft lining against your body
● This product is not suitable for submersion under water

Technical Specification:

Dimensions Weight
135 x 180 x 5 mm 50g