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Kupilka Cutlery

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Kupilka Cutlery
KUPILKA products are made of a Biomaterial - a Thermoplastic Natural Fibre Composites material.  It is made up of 50% pine fibre (wood) and 50% plastic.

If you compare it to plastic, the benefits of Natural Fibre Composites are that it has a better heat endurance and a higher durability, thanks to the stiff structure.  Another advantage when comparing the material to plastic is that it enables the use of engraving techniques.  If you compare it to wood, the benefits of Natural Fibre Composites are that it doesn't require maintenance, doesn't "absorb" smells and is insensitive to humidity.

All KUPILKA products are dishwasher safe.

KUPILKA products are also recyclable.  At the end of its life-span the product can be ground and recast into new products.  All KUPILKA packaging & label cards are made from recycled cardboard.  The leather strap on the KUPILKA 5 is made from Reindeer leather.

The material was developed by Puugia, the Centre for Wood Technology in Joensuu, Finland.

* Cutlery for outdoor use
* Fork, knife, spoon & teaspoon
* Weight: 56g (set) 
Natural Fiber Composites Material
* Dishwasher safe
* Pack size: width 25mm; length 205mm; height 25mm
* Made in Finland.