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Karesuando Knife Making Kit - 9cm Carbon Steel

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Karesuando Knife Making Kit - 9cm Carbon Steel
Tempted to try to make your own Scandinavian style bushcraft knife?

This is a set that contains the main essential components for making a high quality bushcraft knife.

 - Blade: Very Sharp and is made from high quality 1770 Carbon steel (HRC 57). The blade
   extends with an "internal tang"
 - Handle Block: Made from curly birch
 - Reindeer Antler Piece: This piece is suited in size to the brass bolster and is ideal to include
   as part of the handle closest to the bolster
 - Sheath Leather: Vegetable tanned piece of brown stiffer leather for the sheath measuring 
 - Inner Sheath: Made from strong plastic to give the sheath shape and to protect it from the blade
 - String: Strong white string for stitching the sheath
 - Brass Bolster: creates a strong and neat transition between handle and sheath.
 - Reindeer Leather Strip: A thinner vegetable tanned strip/thread of lighter flexible and very strong
   reindeer leather for the belt-hanger
 - New improved instructions, including English

Blade Dimensions: 9.0 cm (3.5 in) x  1.8 cm (0.70 in) x 2.5 mm (thick)
Tang Length: 11 cm (4.3 in)
Handle Block Dimensions: 12 cm (4.75 in) x 3.2 cm (1.25 in) x 4.0 cm (1.6 in)
Antler Piece: 1.5 cm (0.6 in) thick
Sheath Leather Dimensions: 25 cm (10 in) x 12 cm (4.75 in) x 2.5 mm (thick)
Leather Strip Length: 40 cm (15.5 in) approx
String Length: 1 m (3 ft 4 in) approx