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Helsport Kvitbreen Lady

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Helsport Kvitbreen Lady
  • Helsport Kvitbreen Lady
  • Helsport Kvitbreen Lady
  • Helsport Kvitbreen Lady
  • Helsport Kvitbreen Lady
  • Helsport Kvitbreen Lady
Kvitbreen Lady is a warm and compact down bag. It is filled with 970 grams of high quality goose down. This ensures great insulation and makes Kvitbreen a good choice for cold adventures where weight matters.

Kvitbreen has a down filled baffle along the zipper to prevent heat loss. The bag can easily be compressed small so it won’t take too much space in your backpack. Goose down of the highest quality with a 90/10 mix (90% down, 10% feathers) and a fill power of 700cuin/oz means that this bag has a high heat to weight ratio, and it will quickly regain shape after being compressed.

In addition to all this, on Kvitbreen Lady you will get all the awarded features from our Huldreheimen technology, designed to keep women warm. In short this means sleeping bags customized to fit a female body´s shape.

From nature’ side women need more insulation than men to maintain the same temperature. It is also documented that women not just get cold more easily, but also different than men.

Research show that women generally experience more heat loss than men around the hips and feet. Based on this insight the Lady bag is stitched so that it is more narrow around the shoulders and wider around the hips to increase comfort and prevent heat loss. To prevent heat loss, it also has an extra layer of down-insulation in the foot end and a taller heat trap collar around the neck.

 - Stay warm collar™ (taller and more comfortable heat trap collar)
 - Wide zone™ (wider shape around the hips)
 - Heat for feet™  (extra layer of down insulation around the feet)
 - Water repellant, down proof outer shell and soft breathable inner fabric
 - Comfortable mummy shape to give an even layer of air around the body
 - 170 cm 2-way joinable zipper
 - Down filled baffle along zipper to prevent heat loss
 - Quick hood closure
 - Glow in dark puller
 - Inner pocket
 - Heat collar

Packed Size: 19x34cm
Person Length: 180cm
Person Width: 75cm
Weight: 1.60kg
Temperature Rating

Fabric Outer: Airtex 100 % Polyamide ripstop 30D
Fabric Inner: Airtex® 100 % 30D Polyester
Insulation Inner Bag: 90/10 Goose Down 650 cuin/oz