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Grivel Steel Blade Shovel

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Grivel Steel Blade Shovel
The Grivel Steel Blade Shovel is a super-light snow shovel designed to cover the needs of rescue and snow digging.  Winner of the Outdoor Industry Silver Award 2008.  The snow shovel has been reinvented, ready to use and panic proof, is multi-functional and can be used with an ice axe to extend the shaft in alpine environments or on expeditions.  It works well in areas with limited space such as at the bottom of a hole or the inside of a cave.  With the front blade made from stainless steel, the Grivel Steel Blade Shovel is ideal for hard snow, cutting the sharpest edges.

For convenience, the Steel Blade shovel requires no assembly and easily attaches to the outside of a rucksack for emergency use.

Small, light and multi-functional, this shovel should be basic equipment for ski tours and glacier climbs.  Its bright colour makes it easy to find should you lose your grip on it.

Weight: 398 g