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Exped Comfort Pillow M

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Exped Comfort Pillow M

The Exped Comfort Pillow might appear to be the same as the Exped Air Pillow but it has an extra level of comfort. This extra comfort increases the weight and packed size, so it's all a matter of compromise.

Exped recycle the excess high grade foam from their mat production, forming it into pellets and filling the pillow. There are two valves on the pillow, one for inflation and the other for deflation. Both valves are fast to use and do not protrude from the pillow. The Comfort Pillow is slightly wedge shaped providing a gentle ramp on which to rest your head whilst the depression in the middle actually holds you on the pillow. On either side a skin friendly, soft tricot polyester provides a good level of comfort.

Exped Comfort Pillow Features

  • High grade open cell polyurethane foam
  • Skin-friendly, super-soft Tricot polyester on either side
  • Adjustable height for side and back sleepers
  • The anatomical shape holds head in place
  • Separate sturdy flat valves for super easy inflation and deflation
  • 2 fabric grommets for attachment to mat
  • Repair kit and stuffsack included
38 x 27 x 11cm
10 x 17cm
Tricot-Polyester either side