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DD Hammocks Complete Whoopie Suspension System

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DD Hammocks Complete Whoopie Suspension System
  • DD Hammocks Complete Whoopie Suspension System
  • DD Hammocks Complete Whoopie Suspension System
If you ever wanted a simple way to adjust the height of your hammockwhile suspended, this is for you. Our Complete Whoopie SuspensionSystem makes a quick and easy job of setting up any DD hammock.

No need for knots!

Using our Whoopie Suspension System means that you can alter the hangof your hammock in seconds, without unwrapping any webbing from thetree. The bark-friendly Tree Huggers grip the tree and allow you toclip your whoopie slings to its loops.

A fantastic modification for anyone looking to reduce the pack weightof their hammock.

 - 2 x 1.8m Whoopie Slings in super-strength 2.5mm Amsteel rope
 - 2 x 2m Tree Huggers - bark-friendly straps allowing the whoopieslings to be connected safely to the tree
 - 2 x high-strength DMM hammock karabiners

Weight: 170g
Includes: 2 x 1.8m Whoopie Slings, 2 x 2m Tree Huggers, 2 x ClimbingKarabiners

Please use only with DD products, and do not exceed the 125kg weightlimit.

Always ensure your gear (including any cordage) is completely drybefore storing away.
Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures (above 40C and below-15C), and keep your gear at least a 2m distance from flames.