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Helsport Lavvu Stove

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Helsport Lavvu Stove The Lavvu wood burning stove is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel and is designed for the Helsport Lavvu series and the Valhall. It is also compatible with other brands such as TentTipi. There are sufficient stove pipe sections to fit a tent of the same size as the Helsport Varanger 12-14. All the stove pipe sections fit inside the stove box for transport, the legs fold in to be used as a carrying handle when emptying the ash and has a total weight of 13 kg. Supplied with heavy duty storage bag.

Height from floor to base of stove with legs folded out 22 cm
Height of stove box 31.5cm
Width of stove box 21.5 cm
Depth of stove box 37cm

From experience and feedback the stove can burn any wood, the drier the better, but care should be taken if choosing only to burn Pine as the extreme heat generated can transfer to hot resin leaving the spark arrester and potentially damaging the tent. We have used pine in moderation over the years in small quantities to get the fire going and this has caused no issues.