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Wood Jewel

8.95 GBP
Lauri Carbon Steel BladeCarbon steel knife making blades from Finland.
32.95 GBP
Wood Jewel Classic Pukko Knife 102300The blade is 7.7cm (3 inches) long
34.95 GBP
Wood Jewel Classic Puukko 102301The blade is 10.5cm (4.2 inches) long
30.00 GBP
Wood Jewel Classic Scout Knife 102310This classic scout knife is suitable for the younger generation learning how to handle knives
62.00 GBP
Wood Jewel Drop-Point Puukko Knife (23LP) 102328 This is a great multi-purpose knife that will stand tough usage
48.00 GBP
Wood Jewel Wilderness Knife 100152The blade is 7.7 (3 inches) long
38.00 GBP
Wood Jewel Wilderness Puukko Knife 100151Wilderness Puukko Knife 0151
52.00 GBP
Wood Jewel Wilderness Puukko Knife 100153Wilderness Puukko Knife 0153
74.50 GBP
Wood Jewel Wilderness Survival Knife 102349Wilderness Survival Knife 2349
59.95 GBP
Wood Jewel Wilderness Whetstone Combo 100155Knife with Whetstone combination
55.50 GBP
Wood Jewel Wilderness Wide Knife 100158The blade is 9.5cm (3.75 inches) long, 2.7cm (1 inch) wide and 3mm (2/16 inch) thick