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115.00 GBP
Wetterlings American Forest Axe 124This is the special American design for a forestry workers axe
104.95 GBP
Wetterlings Bushman Axe By Les Stroud 178This axe is multi-functional, intended to be useful in many different situations in the wilderness
64.95 GBP
Wetterlings Compact Hatchet 104This is the smallest of all Wetterlings Axes
39.95 GBP
Wetterlings Grinding Stone 210Wetterlings Grinding Stone fits your grip
95.00 GBP
Wetterlings Hudson Bay Axe 180The Hudson Bay Axe by Wetterlings
64.95 GBP
Wetterlings Outdoor Axe 118A lightweight axe with a longer handle
74.95 GBP
Wetterlings Wilderness Hatchet 106The Wilderness Hatchet is basically the same axe as the Buddy, but comes with a longer handle.