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Water Transportation

15.00 GBP
Ortlieb Drinking TubeOrtlieb Drinking Tube
26.00 GBP
Ortlieb Folding BowlOrtlieb Folding Bowl
3.00 GBP
Ortlieb Shower ValveSmall shower head that screws to the Water Bag to convert it to a mobile shower unit.
25.00 GBP
Ortlieb Water Bag 10 LtrOrtlieb Water Bag 10 Ltr
15.00 GBP
Ortlieb Water Bag 2ltrOrtlieb Water Bag 2ltr
18.50 GBP
Ortlieb Water Bag 4 ltrOrtlieb Water Bag 4 ltr
25.00 GBP
Ortlieb Water Sack 10L BlackThe construction of the Water Sack is identical to that of our dry bags with a roll closure.