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Travel Essentials

16.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 15.29 GBP
Lifeventure Luggage Scales Lifeventure Luggage Scales are perfect for both business and adventure travellers alike.
14.99 GBP
Lifeventure RFID Bi-Fold WalletDeveloped for the space conscious traveller, this wallet is slimline and compact
9.99 GBP
Lifeventure RFID Card WalletThe minimalist and neat RFiD card wallet is no fuss, simple and compact
19.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 17.99 GBP
Lifeventure RFID Document Wallet BlackThe Lifeventure Travel Document Wallet is RFiD-protected to keep your cards and passport secure.
9.99 GBP
Lifeventure RFID Passport WalletOffering focused protection when you need it most
24.99 GBP
Lifeventure RFID Travel WalletThis comprehensive RFiD travel wallet will hold all your travel documents
19.99 GBP
Lifeventure RFID Travel Wallet - MiniThe RFiD mini travel wallet is a compact and clever travel companion
16.99 GBP
Lifeventure RFID WalletThis classic RFiD wallet is smart and spacious, made with water resistant fabric
19.99 GBP
Lifeventure Tech CaseProtect your gear with this robust tech case
3.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 3.59 GBP
Lifeventure Travel Ear Plugs x 6 Every traveller should have these with them.  You never know where you will be wanting to catch a few z’s ... chances are there’ll be noise somewhere. 
18.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 17.09 GBP
Lifeventure Trek Umbrella MediumWith a touch of a button this wind resistant umbrella will spring open or closed
14.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 13.49 GBP
Lifeventure Trek Umbrella SmallThis Compact Umbrella will fit in a handbag and has a durable canopy to protect you from the sun and rain.
8.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 8.09 GBP
Lifeventure TSA Zipper LockThis TSA combination lock uses a durable and flexible cable shackle to help ease it through zip tags.