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34.99 GBP
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Lifesystems Intensity 180 TorchFor those who want a beautifully made torch with a long battery life.
24.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 22.49 GBP
Lifesystems Intensity 220 TorchSuper-light and super-bright, this pocket-sized LED torch is up to seven times brighter than a standard torch and has an LED which lasts 100,000+ hours. 
44.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 40.49 GBP
Lifesystems Intensity 560 TorchHigh power when you need it - this torch is perfect for mountain rescue teams needing to illuminate search areas. 
10.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 9.89 GBP
Maglite Solitaire - AAA XenonWeighing less than one ounce (with battery) and about three inches in length, the Solitaire 1-Cell AAA flashlight offers the same precision engineering and craftsmanship found in every Mag-Lite flashlight. 
34.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 31.49 GBP
Mini Maglite LED - AAThe Mini Maglite LED flashlight delivers performance oriented features in a sleek compact design. 
18.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 17.09 GBP
Mini Maglite Xenon Bulb - AAUntil its inception, no flashlight of this size incorporated the features, functions, and unique design elements of our Mini Maglite AA flashlight. 
18.95 GBP
(-10.00%) 17.06 GBP
Nite Ize 3-in-1 LED FlashlightHarness the power of 250 lumens as a flashlight, lantern and safety light: the 3-in-1 LED Flashlight
12.95 GBP
(-10.00%) 11.66 GBP
Nite Ize 3-in-1 LED FlashStick™When you need to see and be seen at night, the 3-in-1 LED FlashStick is the solution for you
12.95 GBP
(-10.00%) 11.66 GBP
Nite Ize 3-in-1 LED Mini FlashlightIt's a flashlight! It's a lantern! It's a safety light! It's... the 3-in-1 LED Mini Flashlight from Nite Ize
65.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 58.50 GBP
Nitecore P12 TorchA compact and very powerful flashlight from the 'Precise'-series (P).