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Tentipi - Inner Tents

Tentipi® inner-tents are available in three grades Pro, Comfort and Base. Any grade of inner-tent can be used with any of our tent models size 5, 7 and 9.

Inner-tent BASE.gif
The walls are made of a carefully chosen, simpler standard type material. Curved zip; sewn-in floor without any zips.

Inner-tent COMFORT.gif
The walls are made of a carefully chosen standard type material. Vertical zip; sewn-in Floor Comfort.

Inner-tent PRO.gif
The walls are made of light, strong, high tenacity teflon impregnated ripstop fabric which is much stronger than the material used in standard fabrics. Vertical zip; sewn-in Floor Pro with V and O opening only.

505.00 GBP
Tentipi Inner Tents BaseCurved zip; sewn-in Floor Comfort, but without any zips. It is not possible to have a fire inside an Inner Tent Base
615.00 GBP
Tentipi Inner Tents ComfortVertical zip; sewn-in Floor Comfort 
795.00 GBP
Tentipi Inner Tents ProVertical zip; sewn-in Floor Pro but with V- and O- openings only