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Tent Pegs & Accessories

2.50 GBP
Campking Round Wire Tent PegsSkewer style tent peg with hook
7.75 GBP
(-15.00%) 6.59 GBP
Helsport Guy Line Spanners - 10 PackGuy-line spanners
50.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 42.50 GBP
Helsport Rettstang Fonnfjell 466-14Lightweight poles for the Fonfjell tent
36.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 30.60 GBP
MSR Adjustable PolesWe designed this pole to work with MSR® shelters, but it will work with any appropriately sized shelter.
5.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 4.25 GBP
MSR Blizzard Tent StakesA time-tested MSR® design, the Blizzard Tent Stake has a broad surface, extra length and concave shape that delivers added purchase in sand and consolidated snow
12.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 10.20 GBP
MSR Camring™ Cord TensionersDesigned to make camp life easier and available in two sizes
29.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 24.65 GBP
MSR Carbon-Core™ Tent StakesLightest full-strength tent stake
23.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 19.55 GBP
MSR Cyclone Tent StakesCyclone™ stakes are the perfect choice for creating solid anchor points in soft soil or securing large shelters in a windy environment.
10.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 8.50 GBP
MSR Dart Tent StakesLightweight, all-purpose tent stake ideal for soft ground
145.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 123.25 GBP
MSR Elixir Gear ShedIncreases the vestibule area of Elixir 2 and Elixir 3 tents
16.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 13.60 GBP
MSR Groundhog Stake KitOne of the most popular stakes ever, the Groundhog™ stake's Y-beam design penetrates and holds in a wide range of soil conditions.
10.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 8.50 GBP
MSR Hook Tent StakesStrong, lightweight stake with a hook for easy removal
50.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 42.50 GBP
MSR Hubba Hubba NX FootprintCustom-fit protection for your tent floor, providing increased protection from water and wear-and-tear
15.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 12.75 GBP
MSR Mini Groundhog Stake KitThis smaller, lighter version of our popular Groundhog™ tent stake saves weight while offering the reliable performance of the original. 
11.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 9.35 GBP
MSR Needle Tent StakesHolding power in firm and rocky ground
20.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 17.00 GBP
MSR Reflective Utility Cord KitWhether you're hanging a bear bag or guying out a tarp, this kit provides everything you need for a simple, efficient setup.
22.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 18.70 GBP
MSR Shelter Wash & RestoreRegular cleaning and maintenance will improve your tent's performance and extend the life of the fabrics significantly.
18.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 15.30 GBP
MSR Shock Cord Replacement KitShock cords lose elasticity and begin to fail over time. Upgrade your tent poles with this premium shock cord replacement kit. 
25.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 21.25 GBP
MSR Stake HammerLeave the rocks alone and truly leave no trace
14.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 11.90 GBP
MSR Tent Guy LinesLightweight, adjustable guy lines
35.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 29.75 GBP
MSR ToughStake Snow & Sand Tent Stakes10x the holding power of standard tent stakes
24.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 20.40 GBP
MSR Universal Gear LoftSave space with an overhead gear loft - whether you're drying wet socks or stashing snacks, your tent mate will thank you
6.50 GBP
(-15.00%) 5.53 GBP
MSR Universal Zipper PullsReplace your damaged zipper pulls with these lightweight, durable upgrades. 
11.00 GBP
Multimat Tent UnderlayA must for any camping trip, offering protection and insulation from the ground.
4.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 3.60 GBP
Robens Pole HangerEasy to use lantern hanger that fits quickly to your pole. Also works on the Lavvu centre poles.
9.00 GBP
Summit Groundsheet 2m x 3mLarge groundsheet complete with 8 brass eyelets
15.00 GBP
Tamarack Lavvu DiskThe Tamarack Lavvu Disk is an aid to the perfect pitching of the Helsport Lavvu range.
2.75 GBP
Tentipi Hard Ground Tent PegsOur super-strong hard ground pegs are made out of hardenable steel
6.95 GBP
Tentipi Lightweight Tent PegsThe pegs that are now a standard part of our Nordic tipis combine low weight and maximum strength 
8.95 GBP
Tentipi Snow & Sand Tent PegsReliable peg for soft or unstable ground
45.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 40.50 GBP
Terra Nova S.O.S Stakes pack of 10A large surface area and extra length help these pegs bite in conditions where a firm pitch is vital.
40.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 36.00 GBP
Terra Nova Titanium V Peg pack of 6Tough, V-angled titanium pegs for use in difficult conditions, without paying a large weight penalty.
4.99 GBP
(-10.00%) 4.49 GBP
Vango Plastic Tent Pegs pack of 5Pack of 5 Plastic Tent Pegs
2.50 GBP
(-10.00%) 2.25 GBP
Vango Steel Pegs pack of 5Steel v shape pegs 18cm in length packs of 5