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Tent Heating

199.00 GBP
Helsport Lavvu Round StoveHelsport Lavvu Round Stove
449.00 GBP
Helsport Lavvu Stove Helsport Lavvu Stove
199.99 GBP
Petromax Loki Camping StoveThe transportable camping stove and tent oven
17.99 GBP
Petromax Loki Flue SectionReplacement or additional flue section for the Petromax Loki Stove
24.99 GBP
Petromax Loki Spark ArrestorExtra safety from sparks for the Petromax Loki stove
49.99 GBP
Petromax Loki Tipi SleeveThe Tipi sleeve allows the Petromax Loki Stove to be used in a tipi
28.99 GBP
Petromax Loki Transport BagTransport bag for the Petromax Loki stove
510.00 GBP
Tentipi Eldfell Stove
Comforting warmth in the harshest conditions
150.00 GBP
Tentipi HeatPal 5100The versatile alternative to a wood stove