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Plates, Bowls & Cups

8.00 GBP
GSI Deep Plate Stainless Rim 10.5" - BlueThe finishing touch to a classically elegant enamelware table setting
14.00 GBP
GSI Glacier Stainless 15 fl.oz Camp CupWhen hanging out around the campfire with friends, you need a simple, durable cup
13.00 GBP
GSI Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup/PotLightweight, ultra-rugged bottle cup/pot
16.00 GBP
GSI Glacier Stainless Nesting Red Wine GlassRugged, nesting drinkware that goes anywhere
5.50 GBP
GSI Mixing Bowl Stainless Rim 5.75"The finishing touch to a classically elegant enamelware table setting
9.00 GBP
GSI Nesting Red Wine GlassLightweight, nesting drinkware that goes anywhere
19.95 GBP
Klean Kanteen 473ml Vacuum Insulated Pint CupKlean Kanteen's quest to find and replace single-use items knows no bounds. Our tumblers lead the charge; replacing years of single-use cups while handily out performing plastic and paper  
29.95 GBP
Klean Kanteen Pint CupKlean Kanteen is proud to offer another in our long-line of solutions to single-use plastic. Made of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel, the 16oz Kanteen Steel Pint Cup is durable, versatile, reusable, and dishwasher safe.
6.95 GBP
Klean Kanteen Pint LidSure, it's fun to go topless now and then, but sometimes the weather, activity or company make it wise to cover up!
32.45 GBP
Kupilka 21 & 55 Gift SetKupilka 21 & 55 Gift Set
16.95 GBP
Kupilka 21 CupKupilka 21 Cup
18.95 GBP
Kupilka 55 BowlKupilka 55 Bowl
19.95 GBP
Kupilka Classic PlateKupilka Classic Plate
7.45 GBP
Kupilka Snaps CupKUPILKA products are made of a Biomaterial. The Biomaterial used for KUPILKA products is a Thermoplastic Natural Fibre Composites material. It is made up of 50% pine fibre (wood) and 50% plastic.
2.99 GBP
Lifeventure Ellipse CookwareWe’re proud to make this vibrant range of original cookware in the UK. 
6.99 GBP
Lifeventure Silicone Ellipse BowlFold flat silicone bowl.
5.24 GBP
Lifeventure Stainless Steel Cookwear Made from the highest quality of food grade stainless steel, there are three high quality items in this range.  Perfect for camping. 
29.99 GBP
Lifeventure Titanium Insulated MugThe doubled wall insulation keeps drinks hot for over an hour
19.99 GBP
Lifeventure Titanium Mug An ultralight, tough single walled camping mug with a folding handle.  Perfect if weight is at a premium.
19.99 GBP
Lifeventure Titanium Plate An ultralight, tough titanium camping plate.  Perfect if weight is at a premium.
16.00 GBP
Light My Fire LunchKitThe Light my Fire LunchKit is all you need to eat your lunch in style anywhere, anytime.
28.00 GBP
(-40.00%) 16.80 GBP
Light My Fire Pack´n Eat Kit™Eat out in style! What you need to share a meal with a friend
6.00 GBP
(-40.00%) 3.60 GBP
Light My Fire Pack-up-Cup™Expand to drink, collapse to carry
25.00 GBP
(-40.00%) 15.00 GBP
Light My Fire Pack-up-Drink Kit™Fill it. Drink it. Fold it - collapsible and compact drink
7.99 GBP
MSR Alpine PlateOur strong stainless steel plates stand up to heavy use, yet don’t add a lot of weight or bulk to your pack.
4.99 GBP
MSR DeepDish Plates and BowlsWide like a plate, deep like a bowl, these non-leaching polypropylene plates are safe for hot and cold meals.
7.99 GBP
MSR Insulated MugsNEW! Adding minimum weight to your backcountry kitchen, MSR’s Double-Wall Insulated Mugs are made from BPA-free polypropylene walls with the premium insulation of a foam core between them.
15.00 GBP
MSR MugMate Coffee/Tea FilterConvenient and enviro-friendly, this reusable coffee/tea filter let’s you brew up a cup without wasteful and messy paper filters. Its low profile enough to be stored in just about any mug or cup and it weighs just 0.98 oz./28 g.
9.99 GBP
MSR Stainless Steel Insulated MugsThe finest backcountry mug ever, the Stainless Steel Insulated Mug takes all the best properties of our favourite mugs and rolls them into a camp-friendly design.
35.00 GBP
MSR Titan CupThe Titan cup is built to nest inside the Titan Kettle to create a deluxe solo set. 
12.00 GBP
Relags Space Saver MugStainless steel cup with practical, very long folding handles.
12.99 GBP
Sea To Summit X-BowlFold flat camping bowl
11.49 GBP
Sea To Summit X-CupThe compact X-Cup is perfect for smaller hands
17.00 GBP
Sea To Summit XL BowlExpanding on our popular X-Series, we have now designed an XL-Bowl - 77% larger than the X-Bowl! 
12.50 GBP
Sea To Summit X-MugThe X-Mug is constructed from a flexible, European standard compliant, food grade silicone.
19.00 GBP
Sea To Summit X-PlateUnbreakable - folds flat for compact packing.
30.00 GBP
Sea To Summit X-Set 2 & 3For the space conscious outdoor enthusiast who likes to keep their gear organised.
8.00 GBP
Tatonka Bowl with GripTatonka Bowl with Grip
8.00 GBP
Tatonka Deep Stainless Steel BowlTatonka Deep Stainless Steel Bowl
8.00 GBP
Tatonka Expedition MugTatonka Expedition Mug
8.50 GBP
Tatonka Handle Mug Tatonka Handle Mug
8.00 GBP
Tatonka Large PlateTatonka Large Plate
6.00 GBP
Tatonka Mug LargeTatonka Mug - Large
5.00 GBP
Tatonka Mug SmallTatonka Mug small
6.00 GBP
Tatonka Small PlateTatonka Small Plate
8.00 GBP
Tatonka Soup PlateTatonka Soup Plate
18.00 GBP
Tatonka Stainless Steel Thermo BowlTatonka Stainless Steel Thermo Bowl
14.00 GBP
Tatonka Thermo Delux 300Tatonka Thermo Delux 300
16.00 GBP
Tatonka Thermo Delux 400Tatonka Thermo Delux 400
11.00 GBP
Tatonka Thermo Plus MugTatonka Thermo Plus Mug
13.00 GBP
Tatonka Thermobecher 250Tatonka Thermobecher 250
16.00 GBP
Tatonka Thermobecher 350Tatonka Thermobecher 350
15.95 GBP
Wildo Camp-A-Box CompleteProven under Swedish conditions for decades, our Camp-A-Box® is the Original that can be trusted.
3.95 GBP
Wildo Fold-A-Cup BigThe Fold-a-cup Big is designed to fit The Original Fold-a-cup® in its center even when its folded
2.50 GBP
Wildo Fold-A-Cup OriginalIt started with an idea for the perfect product. Now, more than 35 years later The Original Fold-A-Cup® is a classic, found all around the world