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30.00 GBP
(-13.00%) 26.10 GBP
Exped AirPillow - Extra LargeThe super-comfortable, lightweight and anatomically shaped air pillow. 
27.50 GBP
(-13.00%) 23.93 GBP
Exped AirPillow - LargeThe super-comfortable, lightweight and anatomically shaped air pillow.
25.00 GBP
(-13.00%) 21.75 GBP
Exped AirPillow - MediumSkin friendly, super soft tricot polyester on either side.
7.50 GBP
Exped AirPillow CaseSoft, skin friendly and washable pillow cover for Exped AirPillows
25.50 GBP
Exped AirPillow LiteThe affordable, super comfortable, lightweight, and anatomically shaped air pillow
34.00 GBP
Exped AirPillow ULThe ultra light super comfortable, lightweight and anatomically shaped air pillow
35.00 GBP
(-13.00%) 30.45 GBP
Exped Comfort Pillow LThe self-inflating pillow insulated with foam pellets
47.50 GBP
Exped Mega PillowThe Mega Pillow: Mega in comfort and size. Extra large fleece padded Air-Core Pillow
29.00 GBP
Exped Pillow PumpPump and pillow in one: quick mat inflation by hand or foot
45.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 38.25 GBP
Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow Deluxe Get a superb nights sleep with this super sized deluxe inflatable pillow
45.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 38.25 GBP
Sea To Summit Aeros Ultralight Pillow Deluxe The biggest pillow for the best comfort. Supersize your nights sleep with the Ultralight Pillow Deluxe
25.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 21.25 GBP
Thermarest Compressible PillowOur popular Compressible Pillow is perfect for everyone from international travellers to car campers.
25.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 21.25 GBP
Thermarest Lumbar PillowThe Lumbar Pillow reduces pressure along the spine, while maintaining lateral support
25.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 21.25 GBP
Thermarest Neck PillowThe venerable neck pillow is a friend of many weary travellers
13.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 11.05 GBP
Thermarest Stuffsack PillowThis ultralight, dual-purpose sleeping bag stuff sack doubles as a pillow when clothes are stuffed inside
10.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 8.50 GBP
Thermarest Trekker Pillow CaseUltralight and packable, this stuffable pillow case works just like our Travel Pillow Case, but with less weight and bulk
11.00 GBP
(-15.00%) 9.35 GBP
Thermarest Ultralite Pillow CaseAt just one ounce, this pillowcase is light enough to carry on any backcountry sojourn.
8.00 GBP
(-10.00%) 7.20 GBP
Vango Self Inflating PillowMake a good night's sleep even better with a Vango Self Inflating Pillow